Life in the Time of Coronavirus Nr. 2

It's difficult to describe the atmosphere right now. Even on sunny days, there is grey day energy; that is one way I could put it. There's a sensation both of urgency and of stillness: I am sitting at home, at my computer, typing this. Yet, out there in the world, people are dying, or they are on their balconies, trying to figure out a way to keep their spirits up when they can not leave their apartments.


Life in the Time of Coronavirus Nr. 1

The coronavirus was confirmed in Michigan on the 10th and response has been quick: my workplace closed, schools have closed and are moving online, our Governor announced that restaurants and bars are closed excepting take-out and delivery... thus far, my workplace has set a provisional return-to-work date for March 23rd, and resumption of normal service for April 6th. I am, at least, being paid for my scheduled hours, which is nice.

When will this end? Would that I know. I've revised my expectations from May to July, a friend of a friend tells me that it may last through to September or October, and apparently some health officials in Britain are expecting a second wave of cases come Spring 2021.


Hello, world. This is composer Terry Fairchild speaking, having elected for a personal blog instead of a website. (You may remember that this was briefly a film music review blog. Well, I found a better use, and in the spirit of recycling, have decided to repurpose it as my own personal blog.)

Here are links to my current projects: I'm contributing a handful of tracks to ExoSpace, as well as writing the soundtrack for The Seven Spells of Destruction.