Game of Thrones, Season Eight | Ramin Djawadi (2019)

Composed by Ramin Djawadi, and released by WaterTower Music on May 20th, 2019.

Perspective, or Why Sincere Overtones is Done

With the last three reviews published, I'm shutting up shop.

In retrospect, it was a project doomed to failure from the beginning: keep up with new scores from 2019 by reviewing them, to try and force myself into diving more deeply into film music. Yes, it was ambitious goal: a public blog to review film scores.

The beautiful vantage point of 20/20 shows me that this was a Bad Idea. It is wholly antithetical to how I have explored and enjoyed everything else in my life. More to the point, my heart has not been in it. I have never been able to post as often as I like, because my reviewing style is different in some subtle ways from my listening style. As a reviewer, I want to be as thorough as I can be. As a listener, I want to listen multiple times, soak it in, take a break for a couple weeks, come back, soak it afresh, simply enjoy being bathed in music. Thoroughness and bathing in music do not, in the case of yours truly, match up with each other. And, finally, I simply don't enjoy it. It brings me little pleasure.

It's with an embarrassed heart that I've decided this. Thankfully, this blog has had such an infinitesimal readership that it should not matter much.

So... Ta.


Interlude: A Brief Hiatus

Hi all.

As you've likely noticed, posts have been pretty sporadic, and part of the reason for this is that a lot of my time is being taken up by stuff outside the scope of Sincere Overtones. I am not presently able to dedicate my fullest attention to the scores I want to review.

Therefore - and this gives me zero pleasure - I am going on hiatus for the rest of June, the entirety of July, and a little less then half of August.

During this interlude I will be focusing on completing the task that is eating the majority of my time, writing new reviews so as to build a "backlog" to create a more regular content flow, and - possibly - revising previous reviews. There will be no new posts during this time. Updates on revised reviews will be placed in the sidebar.

Sincere Overtones will return August 14th.


Our Planet (2-CD) | Steven Price (2019)

Our Planet, a compilation of music from the miniseries, composed by Steven Price and released by Decca Records.


The Dragon Prince, Season One | Frederik Wiedmann (2018)

Released by Lakeshore Records February 22, 2019, Frederik Wiedmann's score to The Dragon Prince, Season One, which was released September 14, 2018. An album for Season Two was also released and will also be reviewed.

(This review was originally published May 5th, 2019; it was extensively revised May 29th, 2019.)